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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  July 11, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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morning, i'm mike barnacicl in for willie geist. i'm glad you're up with us this morning watching on msnbc or listening live on sirius/xm radio. shoot us an e-mail at or you can do what hope solo does text the word "awake" followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the hoe. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this monday, july 11th. there's a lot going on today, including leon panetta's first trip to iraq and afghanistan as the newly appointed defense secretary where he recently stayed they were on the verge of, quote, defeating al qaeda. plus, road rage on the tour de france. a french tv car sends a group of
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cyclists flying into a barbed wire fence. we'll have the fallout ahead in sports. whoa! but first, let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york city. with weeks to go before the aulgt 2nd deadline, congressional leaders are heading back to the white house today for another meeting to try to reach a deal on raising the country's debt ceiling. after a 75-minute session with lawmakers last night, president obama is expected to hold a news conference this morning to discuss their deficit reduction efforts. this comes as the front page of "the wall street journal" reads, deficit negotiations hit reset. divisions on spending cuts and tax increases remain. the journal and others report that last night president obama urged leaders to strive for the largest package possible, over $4 trillion in spending cuts over ten years. but saturday night house speaker john boehner said he will seek a
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smaller deal and that a larger agreement will not work because of differences on tax revenue. speaking on "meet the press" yesterday, treasury secretary tim geithner said even a less comprehensive $2 trillion deal will require a lot of sacrifice. >> small deals are very tough, too. because it requires very difficult reforms, savings, cuts in things people depend on that matter. very hard to do a small deal, too. obviously we have to do something -- we have to find a way to pass an agreement but the president will keep working towards the largest possible deal we can do. the united states is not going to default. we are a country that pays our bills. we'll meet our obligations. the leadership in congress, republicans and democrats, house and senate, understand that. speaker boener to his credit said from the beginning we're not going to default as a country because he understands it would be catastrophic for the american economy. >> white house chief of staff bill daley says the president remains committed to a larger plan but he questions whether
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the question's leaders have the guts to do the tough things necessary to improve the economy. >> i do firmly believe one of the wet blankets on this economy and on companies, on the system right now, is a question as to whether or not our political system, whether the leaders can get together, whether they can solve big problems or are they just going to kick the can? if you look at the statements of the rating agencies who have questioned the fiscal soundness of this country, it's about our political system, not being willing or able, seemingly, to take on big tasks. >> the president may be confident about a larger plan but senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, one of the key lawmakers involved in negotiations says he thinks a $4 trillion deal is off the table. >> everything they've told me and the speaker is that to get a big package would require big tax increases in the middle of the economic situation that's
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extraordinarily difficult with 9.2% unemployment. it's a terrible idea. it's a job-killer. >> after last night's white house meeting, house minority leader nancy pelosi said democrats are still hopeful for a large bipartisan agreement as long as it does not do harm to the middle class. and aides to john boehner says the speaker now believes the cuts outlined by vice president biden's bipartisan group is the most viable option. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty is taking aim at fellow minnesota politician and 2012 candidate michele bachmann. in comments on nbc's "meet the press," pawlenty, who trails ba bachmann in several polls, questioned her commander in chief qualifications. >> i like her. i've campaigned for her, i respect her. but her record of accomplishment in congress is nonexistent. so, we're not looking for folks who, you know, just have a speech capabilities. we're looking for people who can
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lead a large enterprise in a public setting and drive it to conclusion. i've done that. she hasn't. >> bachmann, who served three terms in congress, issued a statement that focused on her work and not what she called negativity, saying in part, quote, have i fought the cap and trade agenda. i stood up against president obama's support of the $700 billion bailout. i was a leading voice fighting against obama care. i am proud of my record of fighting with resolve and without apology for our free markets, for sane fiscal policies and in opposition to the advancement of the big government of the left. pawlenty also answered "meet the press's" moderator david gregory whether he has the right temperament to be the republican nominee. >> here's something from the laung times that's about style, frankly. tim pawlenty's presidential campaign rests on this question, will republican voters itching for confrontation with president obama deliver their nomination to a manned who tends toward soft-spoken and bland.
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are you too dull to be president? >> well, look, if people want the entertainer in chief, they should vote for somebody else, but we've had three years of a president with soaring rhetoric, false hopes and promises to the country. if you want somethi with executive leadership, who has not just rhetoric but results on taxes, on spending, on health care, on jobs and the like, vote for me. >> pawlenty, bachmann and the rest of the republican field will face a critical test next month when the iowa straw poll takes place on august 13th. after weeks of controversy, resignation and arrests, britain's "news of the world" published its last issue yesterday, sunday. the final issue of the british tabloid reading, thank you and good-bye. it comes as explosive new allegations come to light about the phone-hacking scandal surrounding the paper. the rival "the mirror" reports today a new york city reports "news of the world" asked for voice mail of 9/11 victims.
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the report says the tabloid wanted phone numbers and details of calls leading up to the terror attacks almost a decade ago. nbc's anabel reports on the demise. >> reporter: rupert murdoch arrived in london to oversee the crisis threatening his media empire in britain. on the road to his headquarters he enjoyed one last read of the newspaper he closed down last week. "thank you and good-bye" screamed the front page. it was britain's biggest selling paper with an unbeaten record for exposing corruption but the tables have turned and it is now being investigated following allegations of police bribery and widespread hacking of personal voice mails. few of the current staff were at the paper when these events are alleged to have taken place but all have lost their jobs. >> it's a terrific shame that it's come to this. and as i said to the staff this morning, you know, it's --
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nobody wants it to be. >> reporter: mr. murdoch walked out of his london home with rebekah brooks, head of news corp.'s british newspaper. together they face a tempest of criticism and complaint which could jeopardize mr. murdoch's planned $19 billion takeover of britain's largest satellite broadcaster bskyb. >> if it has a chance of stopping that acquisition, that will be one of the most painful things for murdoch because of course his business interests are what are so important to him. >> reporter: what started as a localized headache for mr. murdoch in britain could be about to spread across the atlantic with some investors expressing nervousness about his wider business empire. but his biggest backer, saudi prince confirmed he has no plans to alter his investments. >> that was nbc's anabel roberts reporting. britain's labor party is now promising to fight rupert murdoch's multibillion dollar take overbid that would give him 61 % in british sky broadcasting. a vote in the house of commons
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could come as early as this week. shares in bskyb dropped sharply in trading this morning. turning now to the arab world where iraqi police say now three rockets have hit baghdad's green zone. it's part of panetta's first trip to iraq and afghanistan since succeeding robert gates at the pentagon. yesterday in baghdad, secretary panetta urged the iraqi government to step up pressure on militias that attack american troops, after a stop in afghanistan saturday where he made his first public comments since being sworn if. panetta outlined his priorities as new pentagon chief, making a bold claim about al qaeda. >> my goals are to defeat al qaeda, that obviously we made an important start with that, with getting rid of bin laden, but i was convinced in my prior capacity and i'm convinced in
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this capacity that we're within reach of strategically defeating al qaeda. >> he went on to say that the u.s. is targeting 20 leaders key to the terrorist network survival and he feels continued efforts could, quote, cripple al qaeda as a threat to the united states. there are new developments in the different kind of war across the u.s. border. a new wave of deadly drug gang violence hitting mexico. government officials say more than 40 people were killed in three prominent cities over a 24-hour period over the weekend. they say it's an example of brutal fighting between mexico's drug cartels zetas and rival gangs. >> reporter: vicious fighting between notorious drug cartels have left 40 people attacked.
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gunmen wielding ak-47 automatic weapons open fire in a crowded bar where police allege drugs were being sold. 21 people killed when the bar was sprayed with bullets. more than 500 miles away 11 more bodies shot with high-powered rifles were found in a pile near a water well in an area terrorized by a gang known as the knights templer. some were blindfolded with hands bound. they occurred in monterrey, terreon, just two hours from the american border. >> this is immensely more violent than the ongoing combat in afghanistan and mexico matters. it's the most important country along with canada on the face of theette. >> reporter: escalating gang violence claimed the lives of 15,000 people last year alone. it's estimated since mexican
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president calderon declared war on organized crime in 2006, some 40,000 people have been killed in the cross-fire of gangs fighting for lucrative drug routes into the united states. >> this is not just a drug fight. in is a struggle for the future of mexico. >> reporter: but with so much rampant killing, many question the mexican government's ability to successfully win it's war on drugs. >> that was nbc's kevin tibbles reporting. president calderon says on twitter he, quote, energetically condemned the attacks. 40 people killed in a day and the president is tweeting his reaction. okay. eurozone policymakers are reportedly turning a watchful eye to italy as fears grow that greece's financial crisis could spread. let's take an early look at the markets now as we get all up in your business this morning. cnbc's geoff cutmore is life in london for us. >> reporter: good morning to you, mike.
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the markets here are negative. we could be approaching a moment of truth for the eurozone as we have this emergency meeting, including amongst eurozone senior officials, european central bank governor jean claude trichet. they're worried about greece but they're more worried now about italy. this is europe's third largest economy. debt to gdp ratio of about 120%, second only to greece. and the big worry is if they don't get a fix for greece, will there be contagion for italy? a very important meeting here in brussels. the bigger question, what will it mean for trading for the rest of the week? >> geoff cutmore, boy, greece, france, italy, portugal. still ahead on "way too eld elder," highlights ahead of the u.s. women's soccer.
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what kind of person would throw at a guy named big papi? we'll show you the fallout from friday's bench-clearing brawl. that story and a check of weather.
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that's the prudential center in boston, massachusetts. oh, no, it's not. it's the empire state building in new york city. hey, it's july. it's hot. that's what we expect. thank you very much, bill karins. >> that's it, see you later. are a good day. i expect a full jeter tribute out of you.
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i don't want a big papi story coming up in sports. let's talk about the storms. wisconsin, iowa, get ready in chicago. 80-mile-an-hour wind gust reported in iowa. as we go through the day today, the heat's the big story. it was 111 yesterday in wichita. 1 10e in oklahoma city. ridiculous stuff. today, 100s widespread. heat index is very wide. st. louis to memphis to little rock, dallas, oklahoma city, kansas city. no one's escaping it. that heat is now going to spread to the east with the humidity. that's the difference. it wasn't that humid this weekend in the east. goig it's going to jump today. temperature through 90 to 95 in the mid-atlantic. southeast, afternoon storms. the hottest day of the week for most areas on the east coast will be tomorrow. we're expecting around 94 to 95 in new york city. it will be humid, too. that's a little change of pace. you say it's no big deal, so -- >> it's july. >> -- we'll move on. >> show the snow clips from february and march.
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you'll appreciate july. time now for sport. we'll begin a dramatic game between united states and brazil in the quarterfinals of the women's world cup with the game tied 1-1. we head into extra time. team usa down a player because of a red card gives up a quick goal to marta. second of the match. boom. take another look. thing not looking good for team usa. down to their final minutes of extra time. megan rapuano, and wombach heads it into the 120th minute. what is she doing? boom. that's an incredible play. sending the match into penalty kick. 2-2 in penalty kicks. abby hit the back corner, making it 3-2, usa. now brazil's turn. american goalkeeper hope solo makes a diving save. usa up 4-2. now with a chance to win it.
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krieger hits the game winner. they'll face france on wednesday in the semifinals. go usa. on to america's game, baseball. rays/yankees, derek jeter get an ovation. his 3,000th hit. in his first at-bat, jeter strikes out chasing one -- >> jeter strikes out? >> of course, that's the highlight for me. >> oh, boy. >> he went 1 for 4 yesterday. scoreless in the seventh. upton made a play to center field, trying to double him up. robinson cano, throw into stands, cano advances to second. shields tries to pick off cano at third, trots home, the game winner. sabathia for the shutout. there are other teams in the major leagues, we just choose not to mention them. a heat series between orioles and red sox at fenway. let's go back to friday night. david ortiz, bench-clearing
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brawl with kevin gregg. both players were ejected for the game. yesterday's game, sunday, second inning, kevin youkilis launches a two-run homer to center field. that ties the game 6-6. next inning, red sox starter kyle whalen making his first major league start hits mark rej reynolds in the hand. had to leave the game. ouch, that hurt. kevin youkilis comes up again in the fourth inning. boom, jeremy guthrie hits him. both benches are warned. there's buck showalter, man among men. whalen high and inside to vlad guerrero, hits him on the hand. that was his last pitch of the game. see you later, whalen and franchione notice also ejected. sixth inning, mike gonzalez, he throws behind ortiz, gonzalez and buck showalter, see you later, hit the showers. big papi gets this one. red sox won the game 8-6.
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and now the ever-popular tour de france gets a much needed day off. after a barrage of crashes and injuries. sunday's stage nine included the worst one yet. check this out. a french camera crew traveling in the car, willie geist driving, swerves. oh, my -- oh! are you all right? two cyclists crashed, and rider went into barbed wire fence. later said he was happy to be alive. me, too. incredibly both guys continued and finished the stage. french crew has been banned from the rest of the race. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," president obama want a meeting every day but will it be enough? we'll kick that around the table on "morning joe". when we come back here, we're going to huddle around the water cooler with two men
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a big loss for the country on saturday. former first lady betty ford passed away at the age of 93. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends over 90,000 people have received treatment at the betty ford center for alcohol and drug
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addiction since it was founded in 1982. mrs. ford mandated that half of the clinic's facilities be designated for women. betty ford died at the age of 93 on saturday. but enough with the real news let's gather around the water cooler where two inmates tried to cut their prison sentences short. this was the scene at the walker county jail in texas on june 28th. inmates pretend to use the phones in front of the jail's booking office. when officers go to open the door to check on another inmate, the two men attacked four officers. one inmate gets stopped and handcuffed but archie makes it out the door and over a fence outside. he would later get caught in houston a few days later. all the officers are going to be okay. looks to me like getting out of this building after work. still ahead on "way too early," why are you awake? your overbearing texts and e-mails are next and "morning
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